Composers: 7/146 (4.1%) This has gone down from the last 2 years, which were 5% & 4.6%. Two of the women composers are from Proms programmes resurrected from past years (1910 & 1919). Of the 5 living women composers, only two are to be performed in evening concerts at the Royal Albert Hall, and one of these is a piece only 5 mins long. The other 3 works by living women are for matinee concerts at a smaller venue. The figure for living composers is: 5/38.

Conductors: 1/63 – much like last year. This is Isabelle van Keulen directing from the leader’s chair for only 2 items out of 5 in this concert.

Instrumental soloists: 13/61 (21%) – similar to the past few years.

Looking at BBC commissions and co-commissions, we find 3 out of 14 have been given to women composers. These are: Tansy Davies for a substantial evening orchestral work, Alissa Firsova for a 5 min work, and Thea Musgrave for a choral work scheduled for an afternoon matinee. With 11 BBC commissions going to male composers, one wonders how women will ever catch up

Jennifer Fowler